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Panchakarma Ayurveda

Traditional Ayurvedic detoxification and rejuvenation
therapy involving five therapeutic procedures to
restore balance and well-being.


100 % Ayurveda

The best aspect of Ayurveda is that treatment is
100 % natural and free from side effects,
which helps to treat the illness permanently.


Natural Healing

Ayurveda utilizes natural remedies to promote
healing and restore balance.

Why Choose Kritanjali Ayurveda

Ayurveda offers a multitude of benefits for individuals seeking holistic well-being. This ancient healing system takes a personalized approach, tailoring treatments to suit individual needs.

Permanent Treatment

Ayurvedic medications permanently treat the illness and rid the body of all microorganisms. It offers a better way of life that will help us live healthier lives overall.

Treats Chronic Illness

Chronic disease treatment is more effective with ayurvedic drugs. Ayurveda is able to completely treat disorders that affect our stomach, liver, and kidneys.

No Chemical Components

Ayurvedic medications are created using only natural substances; no chemicals are used in their preparation. Making medicine naturally has a right method.

No Side Effects

Natural herbs used in ayurvedic medicine are used to treat illnesses naturally without causing any negative effects. These medications are created using fruit extract from specific fruits.

Stress Reduction

Ayurvedic treatments for stress reduction often include a combination of lifestyle modifications, dietary adjustments, herbal remedies, meditation, and yoga.

Ecologically Friendly

Ayurvedic medicines are eco-friendly and made from natural ingredients. Their main goals are to preserve the forest, the trees, and to guard against chemical pollution of the atmosphere.


100% Ayurveda Treatment

Our 100% Ayurveda treatment approach focuses on utilizing natural herbs, oils, and therapies to address the root cause of health issues and promote holistic wellness. It aims to restore balance and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit, promoting optimal health and vitality. The best aspect of Ayurveda is that treatment is natural and free from side effects, which helps to treat the illness permanently. Ayurveda's ancient wisdom and natural remedies offer a safe and effective way to promote overall health and well-being.

Our Specialities in 5 Shodanas of Panchakarma

(Cleansing Methods/Panchakarma) used at Kritanjali Ayurveda:

vomiting icon
Vamana: Emesis

Ayurvedic therapeutic vomiting for detoxification.

detoxification icon
Virechan: Purgation

Ayurvedic bowel cleansing for detoxification.

oil enema icon
Snehavasti (Matravasti): Oil enema

Ayurvedic medicated oil enema for detoxification.

Panchakarma therapy img
Rakt Moshana icon
Rakt Mokshana:

It’s specialized blood purification therapy in Ayurveda.

nasal therapy icon
Nasya: Nasal medication

Ayurvedic nasal therapy for detoxification.

Curing Diseases with Professional Care

We provide expert medical care and treatments to effectively manage
and cure diseases, promoting better health and well-being for our patients.

Our Expert

Dr. Praveen Singh img
CEO, Founder

Dr. Praveen Singh

B.A.M.S., R.A.C. Lucknow,
Panchakarma Specialist, Agni-Viddha Karma Specialist

Dr. Kamal Sachdeva img
Chief Consultant

Dr. Kamal Sachdev

M.D. (Ayurveda) Medicine I.M.S., B.H.U., Ex. H.O.D. (Ayurveda) Medicine R.A.C. Lucknow

Kritanjali - wings of Ayurveda is started with continuous inspiration from the Great Ayurvedic Physician and our Mentor Dr. Kamal Sachdev, who has taught us over the years the science of Ayurveda, and also keeps us Inspired to start an Ayurveda clinic treating & healing the patients by Ayurveda. Our mentor has nurtured and helped us to understand the practical aspects of the clinical approach in Ayurveda.
M.D. (Ayurveda) Medicine I.M.S., B.H.U. C.C.T.I. Diploma in Yoga (B.H.U.) A.F.P.T.C. Gold Medalist (Delhi University), Ex. H.O.D. (Ayurveda) Medicine R.A.C. LKO

What Patient Says

The Ayurveda & Panchakarma therapy offered on the Kritanjali Centre has been a transformative experience, restoring balance and vitality to my mind, body, and spirit.


I am grateful for the personalized care and authentic Ayurvedic treatments provided by Kritanjali Ayurveda Multispecialty Clinic & Panchakarma Centre , which have significantly improved my overall well-being.

Suman SinghPatient

Thanks to the Kritanjali Ayurveda Centre, I have gained a deeper understanding of Ayurvedic principles and their application in promoting holistic health and wellness.

Ravi GautamPatient

The Ayurveda & Panchakarma therapy has been a game-changer for me, providing deep healing and rejuvenation that I had not experienced through other treatments. Thanks Kritanjali Team!!!!!

Meenakshi SinghPatient
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